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An interesting interview with Kéà Balateau.

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What was your experience like at the OG in Tokyo?

Overall, it was a special experience. You can feel the tension in the air, and everyone
is willing to put their best foot forward. We had happy moments like the first day, but
we also had days where it didn’t go our way. The most important thing is that you can
move forward and show the horses some love despite of the results.

What’s the difference between a regular 5* show and the OG?

At a regular 5* show I have a lot more work because we bring multiple horses. At the
Olympic Games you only have one horse to take care of and the classes are
stretched out over a few days. This means that we have a lot of time to kill between
classes. When we have the time, I like to take a nap in the stable of Delux and he
loves it.

Are the days any different?

No, it’s pretty much the same as all the other five star shows. The only difference is
that you only have to take care of one horse. This way I can spend a lot of time with
him or her and that’s really nice.

Are there any special rules as opposed to other shows?

No, everything is exactly the same. The same FEI rules are applied at the Olympic

What’s your best memory about Tokyo?

My best memory was on the first day when Delux was clear. We had a lot of fun that
day and Delux got a lot of treats!

Do you have any tips for other grooms that might go to Paris?

Keep it simple and do your job as you would do it at any other show.

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